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How To Use Theatre Tokens

Gift Cards and eGifts can be redeemed over the phone by quoting the 16 digit number and the 4 digit pin found underneath the scratch off panel, or in person where the theatre will scan the barcode. Currently Theatre Tokens cannot be redeemed online. You can use all or part of the balance on your Gift Card or eGift to pay, or part-pay for theatre tickets at participating venues. If the theatre tickets cost more than your Theatre Tokens balance you will need to pay the outstanding amount using cash or a debit/credit card.
Theatre Tokens Gift Card and eGift
Your Theatre Tokens can now be used to buy London theatre tickets online at Official London Theatre. Online redemption will be available soon at all our particpating theatres. Make sure to sign-up to receive our emails to be the first to hear when and how!

If you are redeeming a paper Token(s) in person, you will simply need to hand over the denominations you wish to use. If redeeming over the phone you will need to quote the 6 or 8 digit Token number starting with 2 letters (for Tokens issued between 2008 and 2018), or the 16 digit Token number starting 63008203 (for Tokens issued after 2018),
and also quote the last 4 digits of the number found under the scratch off panel (PIN).

If the tickets cost less than the vouchers you are redeeming you will be given change in the form of a new Gift Card or eGift to use on your next visit to the theatre.
If the tickets cost more you will need to pay the outstanding amount using cash or a debit/credit card.

How To Use Paper Vouchers

If you hold older Theatre Tokens, please check whether these are our ‘legacy vouchers’ as they will need replacing before you redeem them.

Using Your Theatre Tokens In London?

If booking by phone we suggest you use the phone numbers we provide on our Where To Use page. Be aware that when calling some theatres, you may be transferred to their preferred ticket agents who also accept reservations made with Theatre Tokens. If you are already in London or are looking for last minute discounts we recommend the TKTS booth in Leicester Square. Your Theatre Tokens can also be used online at Official London Theatre.

If you decide to drive into London to see a show, take advantage of the half-price Theatreland Parking Scheme offered by Q-Park.

If you have any questions check out our FAQ section, or contact us.


Tokenline: 020 3011 0755

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