Give the gift of theatre

Please enter your full token number and pin below to see your balance.

The Token number can be found as follows:

  • Gift Card & New Paper vouchers starting 6300 820 - on the back, the long number under the barcode
  • eGift - the long number under ‘Voucher code’
  • Paper voucher - the long number beginning with two letters (XX, TT, EE, AA or LL) - include the letters when entering the number. This sits on the back either beneath the barcode or to the left of the scratch-off panel (depending on its year).

The PIN can be found as follows:

  • Gift Card & New Paper vouchers - on the back under the silver scratch-off panel
  • eGift - where it states ‘Pin’
  • Paper voucher - only the last four digits under the scratch-off panel. The scratch-off panel can be found on either the front or back of the Token (depending on its year). Ignore if there is a ‘-‘ between the first and second numbers, do not type this in; i.e. ‘1-234’ is ‘1234.

Your Token will not be void if you scratch-off the panel, even if it states ‘void if removed’

Balance Check


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