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Register Your Theatre Tokens

This registration is for giftees only. If you are the purchaser please advise your recipient to create an account.

If your card is lost, stolen or misplaced please contact us immediately. If the Token has been registered with us we will endeavour to replace it for you as long as it's not been used. Unfortunately, any value that has been used before you report it to us cannot be replaced.


Once registered, please retain your Theatre Tokens to use when buying tickets. 


Once you are logged into your account (please create an account if you do not have one), you can register your Tokens below with the Token number and pin.

The Token number can be found as follows:

  • Gift Card & New Paper vouchers starting 6300 8202 - on the back, the long number under the barcode
  • eGift - the long number under ‘Voucher code’
  • Paper voucher - the long number beginning with two letters (XX, TT, EE, AA or LL) - include the letters when entering the number. This sits on the back either beneath the barcode or to the left of the scratch-off panel (depending on its year).

The PIN can be found as follows:

  • Gift Card & New Paper vouchers starting 6300 8202 - on the back under the scratch-off panel
  • eGift - where it states ‘Pin’
  • Paper voucher - only the last four digits under the scratch-off panel. The scratch-off panel can be found on either the front or back of the Token (depending on its year). Ignore if there is a ‘-‘ between the first and second numbers, do not type this in; i.e. ‘1-234’ is ‘1234.

Your Token will not be void if you scratch-off the panel, even if it states ‘void if removed’. This has been communicated to all participating theatres and you can still redeem your Tokens.

We are aware that there are a few paper Tokens in circulation with incorrect Token numbers. If your Token has 13 digits and starts with 6300 8203 please contact us.

Not sure what vouchers you have? Our How To Use page also illustrates where to find the Token numbers. If you have any of our legacy vouchers we will need to replace these for you.


Please retain your Theatre Tokens to use when buying tickets. 




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