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Marty & The Party
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An adorable, cheeky show about fun, friendship and finding your groove. There’s a party. It’s sure to be arty. There’ll be giggles and nibbles and the dress code is “smartly”.

Marty is heading to the best party there has ever been in the history of ever. Everyone has their dance moves at the ready – Fox is doing the foxtrot, Flamingo is doing the flamenco! But what about Marty?

Join Marty as they discover what makes their heart dance, making new friends on the way.

Multi award-winning Milk Presents and Derby Theatre deliver an utterly charming and cheeky story for little ones and their grown ups. Meet Marty and boogie at the best party of the year!

55mins (no interval)
All performances BSL interpreted and relaxed
Age guidance: 2-6 years

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Rosa needs to learn how to use a washing machine, buy her own groceries, get up for uni on time and….. how to report a sexual assault.

No.9 uses humour and sparkle to tell a very real story inspired by very real events. Well… one… actually. And it was anything but funny.

What were you wearing? How much did you drink? And really… not being, y’know, but… it could’ve been worse!

Join Rosa as she uppercuts her way through the reactions of those who almost certainly haven’t danced in her worn out boxing-boots. As she weaves her way through archaic injustices we’ve almost come to expect.

An original voice, in an all too familiar situation. Ding! Ding! Gloves up, and fight!

Recommended Age: 16+. Contains references to sexual assault, flashing lighting, strong language, violence, references to mental health, depression, self-harm, and mentions of suicide.

Am I Alone in This?
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Am I alone in this? is an intimate new play by Young Company Creators that explores all the ways in which the world we are living in can make us feel lonely.

“I am seen but not heard. Are you listening?”

Harry has decided not to go to school today. He has decided he wants to be alone. To disappear.

As we follow Harry on his bike and his quest to find cigarettes, his actions open up a world of friends, family, neighbours and strangers who are all wrestling with loneliness and trying to find belonging in a disconnected world. A chain of events unfold that will bring people together or force them further apart.

14+. Am I Alone In This explores themes around bereavement, disability, reproductive rights and LGBTQIA+ identities and contains strong language
The performance on Friday 14th will be followed by a post show discussion
All performances relaxed
BSL interpreted & audio described: Fri 14 Apr, 7pm
Captioned: Sat 15 Apr, 2pm

Ugly Duckling
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Don’t miss Northern Ballet’s hugely popular Ugly Duckling as it returns to the stage this spring.

Ugly Duckling is lonely and fed-up, ignored by those around her who think she is too ugly to fit in. She tries to make friends with fellow ducklings as well as with frogs, cats and even a fox, but realising she is not like any of these animals, she is left sad and alone. Follow the duckling on her journey as she overcomes her troubles and learns to love herself and those around her.

Retelling the famous Hans Christian Andersen fairytale, Ugly Duckling is the perfect opportunity for your little ones to enjoy live ballet, music and theatre for the first time.

As seen on CBeebies, Northern Ballet’s sell-out productions for children are not to be missed.

40mins (no interval)
Relaxed performance: Sat 15 Apr, 11am
Suitable for all ages

World's Apart
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Egg, 13, finds themself living with their eccentric gran and Mam in Seaburn, a town they barely recognise. With no one to talk to at school and Mam and Gran not exactly playing Happy Families, it’s hard to be optimistic about their ‘fresh start’.

Join Egg as they escape to the virtual reality world, where defeating evil space villains and the risk of getting sucked into giant black holes weirdly makes them feel safe.

Through an honest look at unpaid care, the characters go on an adventure of unlikely transformation and discovery. Things might not always be what they seem, but by facing up to monsters online and in the real world, this relatable story of growing up, growing old and coming together celebrates ageing and intergenerational relationships.

Made in collaboration with unpaid carers and people living in residential care homes, Woven Nest Theatre invites you to Worlds Apart a story of hope, laughter and love.

1hr 10mins
Age guidance: 11+

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Fuel, Imaginate and Northern Stage in association with National Theatre of Scotland present

A new play by Hannah Lavery
Directed by Natalie Ibu

Three girls prepare to stand up for what they believe in despite the injustices stacked against them in this new play exploring what it takes to make a difference, the power of friendship, and the importance of believing in your own voice.

70mins (no interval)
Age guidance: 8+
Audio described: Thu 4 May, 6pm
BSL interpreted: Fri 5 May, 7pm
Captioned: Wed 3 May, 7pm

Lord of The Flies
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Arrive. Divide. Hunt. Survive.

In the midst of a raging war, a group of British school children are left stranded after surviving a devastating plane crash. Ralph is voted the leader over outcast Piggy and rule-breaking Jack. As tensions rise and the hunger for power grows, the group divide and become wildly out of control.

Left to fend for themselves, the children are tested to their limits as they struggle for survival in their new and mysterious surroundings.

Directed by Amy Leach (Macbeth, Oliver Twist, Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet), this must-see production will be a modern staging of William Golding’s menacing 20th century classic with creatively integrated audio description available at every performance.

A Leeds Playhouse and Belgrade Theatre Coventry co-production presented in association with Rose Theatre

2hrs 30mins
Age guidance: 12+
All performances audio described

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This riotous re-telling of Robert Louis Stevenson’s adventure novella is jam-packed with 20th century pop music and 18th century romance. Performed by a dynamic ensemble of actor-musicians, Kidnapped is a colourful coming-of-age story – shot-through with Stevenson’s trademark blend of poetry, humour and heart.

Join Davie as he navigates murderous foes, Jacobite outlaws and the most inept crew of pirates this side of the Atlantic on a journey of eye-opening discovery and treasures untold.

Based on the adventure novel by Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson.

Adapted for the stage by Isobel McArthur with Michael John McCarthy (the writer and musical supervisor of the award-winning Pride & Prejudice* (*sort of)).

Directed by Isobel McArthur and Gareth Nicholls.

2hrs 30mins (approx) plus interval~
Recommended for ages 12+. Contains strong language and themes of bereavement, kidnap, love and loss
Audio described and captioned: Thu 11 May, 6pm
BSL interpreted: Sat 13 May, 7pm
Relaxed performance: Sat 13 May, 2pm

Clean at 17
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Award Winning actress Katie O’Brien presents a fresh, funny, and taboo-smashing take on addiction and recovery. We’re familiar with stories of addicted pop stars to born again pimps but what does being 23 years clean really mean?

Katie has been in a love-hate relationship with 12 Step fellowships and modern day psychology’s take on addiction. She has a few things to say about this and her lived experience through a series of skits, stories and over sharing.

Hilarious, brutally honest, heart-warming and provocative; a one-woman show that challenges perceptions of recovering from addiction, pathologising humanity and the quest of self-discovery.

Age guidance: 14+

Happy Birthday Sunita
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**** What’s On Stage

“Explores British Asian bi-culturalism with wit, humour and intelligence.” (2014 production)

The Johals are celebrating Sunita’s birthday in Mum’s new kitchen, and you’re invited to the surprise party.

It’s not just the dhal that’s bubbling under the surface – with decades of unfinished business, everyone’s true selves start to burst out when they least expect it. And it’s up to the family to pick each other back up and celebrate themselves for who they truly are.

Unexpected guests, butter-free roti and skeletons in the cupboard aren’t enough to stop them busting out some classic Punjabi shapes in the kitchen! Join the Johal family for a wild ride that will leave you laughing, crying, and talking all the way home.

Rifco Theatre Company revives this sell-out comedy, with a new cast and fresh script. Put on your birthday party finery and get ready for a samosa saga.

Age guidance: 10+

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Tapped is a heart-warming comedy that explores the importance of connection, fulfilment and (lack of) hope. In Stapleford aka Stabbo, we meet Gavi, Jen and Dawn at an amateur self-help group who all share one commonality; they’re desperate for escapism.

A garage. A flipchart. A pile of Club biscuits. T-shirts that don’t fit. And 3 people who are really stuck. Gavi wants to inspire his community. Which is tricky when everyone would prefer to just stay at home and watch Bake Off. With the help of daily mantras, goal setting and repeatedly listening to Spandau Ballet, he believes he can change their lives for the better.

Tapped is a witty and sensitive portrayal of managing mental health within a family, highlighting the barriers we put up, whilst having those all-important lightbulb moments, like realising Aldi really does sell everything.

Age guidance: 14+

We Need New Names
+ More Info +

By NoViolet Bulawayo, in a new adaptation by Mufaro Makubika
Directed by Monique Touko

Paradise. Home of 10-year-old Darling and her friends. A playground overflowing with mischief and games where they imagine countries a luxurious life away from theirs in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. But when Darling moves to Michigan, the western world she encounters as a teenager is far from the American utopia of her dreams…

Based on the novel by the first Black African woman and first Zimbabwean to be Booker Prize-shortlisted, this defiant coming-of-age story is full of exuberance, humour and humanity.

Suitable for 14+ years. Contains sensitive subject matter including references to violence and rape

Dr Amir Khan: Doctor in the House
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Live on stage, Dr Amir will detail his journey to becoming a doctor – something he never wanted to do, preferring to become a vet. But how many Asian vets do you see? None right. And how many Asian doctors do you see? Bloody loads. Influenced by his mother, Amir applied to study medicine, and the rest, as they say, is history; after appearing on GPs Behind Closed Doors, he is currently ITV’s Lorraine and Good Morning Britain doctor, the host of Channel 5’s You Are What You Eat, and author of bestselling book, The Doctor Will See You Now.

Finally, Dr Amir will bring the doctors surgery to you, taking questions from the audience and tackling seemingly personal and often challenging subjects in a relaxed and practical manner, offering advice – from sleeping issues and headaches, to joint pain and heart palpitations.

Approx 1he 40mins (plus interval)

I, Daniel Blake
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I, Daniel Blake adapted by Dave Johns from the film directed by Ken Loach, written by Paul Laverty, and produced by Rebecca O’Brien for Sixteen Films.

Dan is a carpenter. A Geordie through and through. Just on the mend after a heart attack.

Katie has just arrived from London. Finally got a council house for her and the kids. A fresh start.

I, Daniel Blake is one of the most important stories of a generation. A glimpse behind the headlines and the stark reality of what happens when the political system is stacked against you. With 14.5 million* people living in poverty in the UK, this is not fiction. It is reality.

A touching and vital story of how people come together in the face of adversity and how sometimes creating a family to support you just isn’t enough. The show is adapted for stage by Dave Johns who played Daniel Blake in the award winning 2016 film.

*Joseph Rowntree Foundation 2022 Poverty Report.

2hrs (plus interval)
Age guidance: 12+
Audio described: Sat 3 Jun, 2pm & Tue 6 Jun, 7pm
BSL interpreted: Fri 2 Jun, 7pm & Sat 10 Jun, 2pm
Relaxed performance: Thu 8 Jun, 7pm
Captioned: all performances

Happy Place
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In a near dystopian future, corporations have commodified happiness into virtual reality booths called Happy Places, costing just the price of a coffee for limitless experiences.

Full of bombastic comedy, puppetry, physical theatre and live music, follow four strangers on an extraordinary journey as they find themselves locked inside their own Happy Place. As reality and fantasy start to merge, this unlikely quartet will have to traverse mountains, fight their demons and navigate customer services if they are to stop their happiness turning into a nightmare.

Join critically acclaimed Forget About The Dog in what has been described as a Black Mirror meets Monty Python meets Jumanji adventure, exploring happiness, friendship and the role technology plays in our world.

1hr 10mins (no interval)
Age guidance: 12+

Noël Coward's Brief Encounter
+ More Info +

A New Wolsey Theatre and Wiltshire Creative Production, in association with Yvonne Arnaud Theatre.

A dazzling musical adaptation of the greatest love story of all time.

When a chance encounter in a train station refreshment room kindles a timid, yet passionate, love affair between a married doctor and a suburban housewife, the two are forced to question if it’s worth risking everything for the sake of love.

Tender and joyous, this show has all the drama of the original masterpiece with added live music, comedy and spectacle, taking you on a rollercoaster ride through all of love’s beautiful complications.

Brief Encounter is adapted by award-winning theatre-maker Emma Rice, directed by the New Wolsey Theatre’s new Chief Executive Douglas Rintoul (Made in Dagenham, Private Lives and All My Sons) and brought to you by the producers behind The Ladykillers and The Worst Wedding Ever.

2hrs (plus interval)
BRIEF ENCOUNTER has an age guidance of 12+ and contains smoking, loud noises, moments of audience interaction and moderate sex references.
Please Note: Throughout the show, several of the cast will play more than one role. There will also be loud sound effects throughout, including waves crashing, train noises, bells ringing, wind blowing, thunder and music.

Wuthering Heights
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“We don’t in general take to foreigners here… unless they take to us first”

Channelling Emily Brontë’s piercing wit and fierce emotion, Inspector Sands bring their characteristic humour, passion and pathos to the infamous love story of Heathcliff and Catherine. Wuthering Heights will contain violence, peril, social awkwardness, exhilarating music, high winds and mud.


Developed with the support of Bristol Old Vic Ferment, UCL Culture, The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and Jacksons Lane.

2hrs (including interval)
Age guidance: 14+

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Music hall, theatre and drag king cabaret erupt as Modest brings you Elizabeth Thompson – megastar of the Victorian art scene.

In 1874, Elizabeth stuns the Royal Academy with her painting ‘Roll Call’. Five years later, she falls two votes short of becoming the first woman elected to the academy.

In between, she must shoulder the hopes and dreams of women across the country while fighting for her place at a table full of top hats, ties and mutton chop beards.

Performed by a cast of actor-musicians, this punk-spirited show will break your heart and start a revolution.

Written by Ellen Brammar (I Hate Alone) with music by Rachel Barnes, Modest is a good night out co-directed by Luke Skilbeck (Milk Presents) and Paul Smith (Middle Child), with movement direction by Tamar and Jo and set design by QianEr Jin.

Music hall, theatre and drag king cabaret erupt as Modest brings you Elizabeth Thompson – megastar of the Victorian art scene.

In 1874, Elizabeth stuns the Royal Academy with her painting ‘Roll Call’. Five years later, she falls two votes short of becoming the first woman elected to the academy.

In between, she must shoulder the hopes and dreams of women across the country while fighting for her place at a table full of top hats, ties and mutton chop beards.

Performed by a cast of actor-musicians, this punk-spirited show will break your heart and start a revolution.

Written by Ellen Brammar (I Hate Alone) with music by Rachel Barnes, Modest is a good night out co-directed by Luke Skilbeck (Milk Presents) and Paul Smith (Middle Child), with movement direction by Tamar and Jo and set design by QianEr Jin.

If You Fall
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Margaret is a pillar of her local community. Norson is a brilliant cook. He loves cricket and fishing. She loves singing and her lavender plants. They’re both surrounded by loving families. Their lives are full… So what happens when you lose your independence, your voice, your mind – the essence of what makes you, you?

In Ancient Greece, older people were highly respected. In Egypt, old age was a marker of wisdom. Today, in the UK, care for older family members is often outsourced. But the care system is breaking at the seams. If You Fall tells the deeply human stories of older people, their families and carers struggling to approach end of life care with dignity.

Multi-award-winning Ad Infinitum brings you a moving, humorous and sensitive story based on real-life personal testimonies. Filled with a capella singing and their signature style of physical theatre, this intergenerational ensemble cast explore older people’s care in all its complexities.

75mins (no interval)
BSL interpreted and captioned: Tue 13 Jun, 7.30pm

Born Lippy Presents: The Geet Muckle Slam
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Geet – great or very (Tyneside)
Muckle – very large (Northern English/Scottish)
Slam – poetry competition where the audience is the judge

Twelve poets go head to head in a friendly war of words. There can only be one winner to become the ultimate Geet Muckle Slam Champion – you decide…

Slam poetry is poetry of the 21st century – combining the finest writing, high energy performances, competition, and audience participation. You are given the power to praise or, sometimes, destroy a poem. So listen, watch, and use your power wisely.

Born Lippy is the North East’s leading event platform for all things wordy. They showcase the best in national, international and local live poetry & spoken word talent in regular wordplay cabaret performances and workshops. They have programmed poetry stages at Lindisfarne, Words Weekender, Summer Streets and Newcastle Poetry Festivals.

Plus special guest poet to be announced

Approx 1hr (not including interval)
Recommended for ages 16+(contains strong language and adult themes)

Father Unknown
+ More Info +

Father Unknown tells the story of Alfie who finds out he’s going to be a dad during GCSE Geography. Alfie’s life has mainly consisted of cans of monster, jumping the metro, playing Xbox and narrowly avoiding getting chucked out of class, but things are about to change… and fast.

Father Unknown is a funny, challenging and honest look at young fatherhood made in collaboration with young dads at The North East Young Dads and Lads and Newcastle University.


STARS: An Afrofuturist Space Odyssey
+ More Info +

Written by Mojisola Adebayo.

A Tamasha and ICA co-production.

Meet Mrs: an old lady who goes into outer space… in search of her own orgasm. Isn’t that where all orgasms go? Her quest is sparked by three encounters: a young neighbour who discloses a secret, an old friend who reveals she is intersex, and a would-be lesbian lover in a launderette who offers Mrs two drops of her own pressed lavender and a smile that says: ‘I handle delicates with care’.

Told through one woman and a live DJ, with projected animation and captions, STARS is a moving and joyful, sensitive yet funny, Afrofuturist odyssey.

A ‘concept album on stage’ the hugely original, STARS is the latest jewel from internationally acclaimed theatre maker, George Devine Award finalist 2022, and Alfred Fagon award-winner Mojisola Adebayo.

Dinosaur World Live
+ More Info +

Dare to experience the dangers and delights of Dinosaur World Live in this roarsome interactive show for all the family.

Grab your compass and join our intrepid explorer across uncharted territories to discover a pre-historic world of astonishing (and remarkably life-like) dinosaurs. Meet a host of impressive creatures, including every child’s favourite flesh-eating giant, the Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Triceratops, Giraffatitan, Microraptor and Segnosaurus!

A special meet and greet after the show offers all our brave explorers the chance to make a new dinosaur friend.

Don’t miss this entertaining and mind-expanding Jurassic adventure, live on stage.

50mins plus 15mins post-show meet and greet with the dinosaurs
Recommended for ages 3+

+ More Info +

Bonewords is a new multidisciplinary dance, theatre & spoken word performance, devised by award winning deaf dramaturg & writer Louise Stern & choreographer Wendy Houston.

“My native language is sign language. A physical language. Non-signers and I often end up writing back and forth. For years, many of these written exchanges have been tossed into boxes to stew in their own juices. Purely practical exchanges, unidentified snippets, random drunken nights with anonymous people never encountered again, and more.

Reading them again in notebooks, on scraps of paper or paper plates, away from the moment and the person, makes the conversations almost theatrical. These words were put down in specificity and also by us all; now existing in undefined time and space, away from life.”

– Louise Stern

+ More Info +

A co-production with Northern Stage, ETT (English Touring Theatre), Shakespeare North Playhouse and Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg.

A struggling and divided nation, tearing itself apart. So, when the Macbeths see their chance at the crown, why shouldn’t they take it?

But things don’t go according to plan. Dreams quickly turn to nightmares, humanity erodes, nature stirs. As society strives to make sense of the darkness that sits inside it, how long will it take for people to fight back against the endless cycle of violence and corruption?

A visceral and contemporary new production that speaks to a world we find ourselves living in now, and asks why has Macbeth haunted our fears and nightmares for centuries and what lesson is this cautionary tale still urgently trying to communicate to us?

2hrs 30mins
Age guidance: Brave 12 year olds plus

Ivo Graham: Organised Fun
+ More Info +

After dismantling a barge, doxxing himself in the Doubletree, and blanking on the 1992 Ipswich Town crest (Taskmaster, Off Menu, University Challenge), Ivo Graham ropes his audience into more chaos against the clock.

“Humiliation’s your thing, right?” his brother asked him at Christmas, and, with the full existential ramifications of that still being processed, he’s lining up a show with more risk than ever before.

(NB: previous shows have broadly been quite low risk).

Uncanny: I Know What I Saw
+ More Info +

Do you believe in ghosts?

Are UFOs real?

Is the impossible possible?

Join Danny Robins, creator of the smash hit BBC Radio 4 paranormal podcasts Uncanny, The Battersea Poltergeist and The Witch Farm and award-winning West End play 2:22 – A Ghost Story, for the biggest investigation into the paranormal – ever.

In UNCANNY: I KNOW WHAT I SAW, you’ll be immersed in the sights, sounds and scares of brand new, real-life stories of the supernatural, from ghosts and poltergeists to UFO sightings and other strange encounters. Watch as these creepy, thrilling tales are brought to life on stage by Danny and his ever-present team of experts.

Is what happened genuinely supernatural or can it be explained?

Are you #TeamBeliever or #TeamSceptic?

You’ll even have a chance to share your own stories, if you dare.

Warning: This show will make you jump, laugh, think and question the very nature of reality!

Stick Man
+ More Info +

Touching, funny and utterly original, Freckle Productions’ delightful adaptation of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s Stick Man is back in town!

What starts off as a morning jog becomes quite the misadventure for Stick Man: a dog wants to play fetch with him, a swan builds a nest with him, and he even ends up on a fire! How will Stick Man ever get back to the family tree?

This award-winning production, from the team behind Zog and Zog and the Flying Doctors, features a trio of top actors and is packed full of puppetry, songs, live music and funky moves.


Bridget Christie: Who Am I?
+ More Info +

Bridget Christie is hot, but not in a good way. The 51 year old critically – acclaimed stand up leaks blood, sweats, and thinks that Chris Rock is the same person as The Rock. The Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award winning comedian cannot ride the motorbike she bought to combat her mid-life crisis because of early osteoarthritis in her hips and RSI in her wrist; and wonders why there are so many films, made by men, about young women discovering their sexuality, but none about middle-aged women forgetting theirs. It’s a menopause laugh-a-minute with a confused, furious, sweaty lady who is annoyed by everything.

Brand new show from the Rose d’Or and South Bank Sky Arts Award winner, star of her own Netflix special, Taskmaster favourite, Channel 4 sitcom The Change and BBC Radio 4 series Bridget Christie Minds the Gap and Mortal.

80mins including interval
All performances captioned
Age guidance: 14+

Cinderella: A Fairytale
+ More Info +

Your wings already exist, all you have to do is learn to fly.

Next Christmas, why not try a different kind of fairytale? Feisty, fun, joyful and with some baddies that you’ll love to hate.

Ella misses her mother and father. Her step-mother is the worst, a horrible bully determined to make her life a misery. Her step-brother and sister are no help. Nature is her escape and the birds seem to be her only friends.

But, when she meets a pretty cool boy in the woods, her heart begins to flutter, her mind races and she begins to believe in the magical power of love.

And then: an invitation for all of us to join in the festive cheer at the Queen’s Christmas ball!

Full of music, dance, puppetry and comedy, Cinderella is a retelling of this classical tale for anyone who has ever dreamed that good will always win.

Lace up your boots, make a wish and let’s join Ella for a glorious girl-powered adventure.

2hrs (including interval)
Age guidance: 6+. Content warning: please be aware that the show will contain some elements of mild violence.
Audio described: Sat 23 Dec, 1pm & Fri 29 Dec, 5pm
BSL interpreted: Fri 15 Dec, 6pm & Sun 24 Dec, 1pm
Captioned: Sat 16 Dec, 5pm & Thu 28 Dec, 1pm
Relaxed performance: Sun 17 Dec, 1pm & Wed 20 Dec, 10am


Newcastle Central Station & Haymarket Metro Station


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All day


All day

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