Unusual Gift Ideas

What do you buy for friends and family who seem to have absolutely everything they could possibly wish for? Well, that´s where unusual gift ideas such as Theatre Tokens come into their own!

If you´re struggling to think of a gift for friends or loved ones and would like to mark their special occasion by giving them something completely different, think Theatre Tokens.

These handy gift vouchers come in denominations of £5, £10 and £20 and can be used at over 240 theatres nationwide, including all of London´s West End. They make ideal gifts for people who:

  • Already have everything.
  • Love theatre shows – plays, musicals, dance, opera and entertainment.
  • Have never experienced a show before but might relish something different.

The ultimate in flexible gift options, Theatre Tokens will appeal to recipients of all ages and can be appreciated on several levels: first the pleasure of finding the play or show they want to see; then the anticipation of the big event and the excitement of the actual day; and finally the fun of reminiscing and discussing the show afterwards.

Theatre Tokens offer enjoyment that lasts, making them a perfect – if perhaps somewhat unusual – gift for anyone and everyone.

Buy Theatre Tokens

Looking for an original gift to mark a special occasion?

If you´re finding it tricky to come up with a sparkling Christmas present idea, unusual birthday gift, memorable anniversary gift or unique wedding present, Theatre Tokens may be just the ticket!

Surprise your parents with Theatre Tokens for a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion. For example, gift packages for Mother´s Day or Father´s Day are now available, priced at £33.99 and £53.99 (including £30 and £50 worth of Theatre Tokens respectively).

When it comes to unusual gift ideas, Theatre Tokens offer a flexible, practical solution to suit all ages and tastes.