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Tron Theatre

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In Person: 63 Trongate, Glasgow, G1 5HB
Phone: 0141 552 4267
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What's On Highlights

Rock, Paper, Scissors
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In a world where quiet facts are repeatedly drowned out by loud opinions and with calamity around every corner, do we rock paper scissors for not just the right to be heard, but the right to survive?

Following on from their sell-out shows in 2023, the Tandem Writers are back with a series of three 45-minute play readings expanding on their previous stories about survival and sustainability, about fairness and the future.


Approximately 1 Hour 25 mins

Don't. Make. Tea.
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Chris never wanted to end up here. She's a proud woman and hates asking for help, but when her condition deteriorated she had no choice but to claim benefits.

Ralph believes in the new system. He knows it can work for Chris. He's here today. In her home, to assess her, to prove she is fit and capable of working.

Can Chris persuade him to change his mind? And, if not, how far is she willing to go to save herself?

£15.50, £17 or £20

Approximately 1 Hour 55 mins

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REWIND pieces together a scientific examination of a crime secretly buried. In a whirlwind of visceral music, energetic movement, puppetry, projection and and innovative lighting, the show reveals an intimate backward journey into the life and death of Alicia, a young woman who dared to resist against authoritarianism.

The multi-award winning show is inspired by recurring facts from human rights abuse in Latin America and draws from Forensic Anthropology, the first science in history to investigate human rights violation.


Approximately 1 Hour 5 mins

James V: Katherine
+ More Info +

"If a young woman made you smile, you wouldny want to see her set on fire, would you?"

Katherine Hamilton is a nineteen-year-old woman facing arrest and trial in the King’s court, with only her quick wit as defence against execution.

James V: Katherine is a dramatic interpretation of key events during a turbulent time in Scotland’s history, events that did happen and did change Scotland forever. But this is also a play filled with hidden histories, deft comedy and a secret love story between two young women.

Rona Munro’s renowned James Plays - the theatrical series set during the reigns of Scotland’s generations of Stewart kings - have entertained audiences on main stages since 2014. Now, this latest standalone episode tours to theatres, town halls and arts centres across the country, in a co-production between Raw Material and Capital Theatres, directed by Orla O’Loughlin (Enough Of Him, What Girls Are Made Of). Experience this epic tale presented as an up-close-and-intimate performance.

Written by RONA MUNRO



Lighting Designer: DEREK ANDERSON

Composer/Sound Designer: DANNY KRASS

Supported by Chris Grace Hartness and funded by the Creative Scotland Touring Fund.

£15.50, £17 or £20

Approximately 1 Hour

I Hope Your Flowers Bloom
+ More Info +

Flitting between romantic obsession and botanical description, Raymond Wilson’s semi-autobiographical show offers a raw, moving and genuinely funny exploration of healthy masculinity, self-worth and working-class access to nature.

Through his friendship with Flo and her modern nomadic lifestyle, Raymond attempts to escape the greyness of the Glasgow scheme into Scotland’s natural world. But when Flo leaves, so does Raymond’s love of the wilderness. Inside and broken-hearted, he’s forced to admit the things he has neglected in himself and with others, while attempting to reconnect to the outdoors.


Approximately 1 Hour

Maggie & Me
+ More Info +

It's October, 1984 - the Brighton bombing, Maggie Thatcher emerges from the rubble dusty but defiant and somehow in the living room of 8-year-old Damian Barr in Newarthill.

No time for turning, so buckle up for the surreal yet so-real rollercoaster ride through Damian's painful past rediscovering who he really is. From the furnaces of the Ravenscraig Steelworks to the sanctuary of Carfin Grotto, there's pain and joy, coming of age and comping out. And Saint Dolly Parton. It's about finding your voide and telling your story.

Maggie & Me is a Scottish classic and Sunday Times Memoir of the Year. Damian Barr and James Ley team up for this dramatic return to Damien's childhood. Before you can move on, you have to look back...

Preview: £11 Main Run: £15.50, £17 or £20

The Last Pearl
+ More Info +

From the team that created the multi award winning productions Shackleton and the Third
Policeman, Blue Raincoat Theatre Company bring their newest devised piece, The Last Pearl, to the Tron in Glasgow.

The Last Pearl is loosely based on the ideas of the controversial environmentalist James Lovelock and was first presented to the public in Sligo, Ireland in the Autumn of 2022. A strong visual theatre piece using scaled models as well as bunraku and shadow puppetry, The Last Pearl tells the story of a woman, and in the aftermath of a typhoon, with her daughter, as they scavenge and explore in a dying world. It is the story of their ability to adapt to a changing environment and ultimately survive

£15.50, £17 or £20

Approximately 1 Hour 10 mins

Radiant Vermin
+ More Info +

Getting a foot on the property ladder is murder...

Ollie and Jill want to tell you about their dream home. Some of the things they did to get it, you might find shocking. But they want you to know that they did it all for their baby...

A wickedly comic satire about a young couple offered a 'too-good-to-be-true' way onto the property ladder. Playful, provocative and viciously sharp, this outrageous black comedy is a mediation on how far we will go to satisfy - and justify - materialistic greed.

Preview: £11 Main Run: £15.50, £17 or £20

Approximately 1 Hour 30 mins

Peter Panto And The Incredible Stinkerbell
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All children grow up – except one. Peter.

With a blast of magic from the mighty Stinkerbell, Peter Pan whisks West End Wendy away from the safety of her Byres Road residence to a place full of treachery, deceit and chippies that never close. Welcome to the rambunctious and radgey Riverland!

Here Peter and Wendy must face vengeful crocodiles with teeth sharper than Gordon Ramsey’s tongue; mermaids who sell chips with Salt n Sauce (the indignity) and come face to face in a battle to the death against the evil Captain New Look and bumbling side kick Chai Tea (all together… BOOO!)

Will Wendy ever find her way back home to shop in her beloved Waitrose? Will Stinkerbell tell best friend Peter that she’s in love with him? And will Peter choose to grow up and live in a world that is panto free? There’s only one way to find out….
Book your tickets for this year’s Tron panto!

£18.50, £21 or £26

To find out what else is happening at Tron Theatre, visit their website here.

Bus stop on Trongate to west of theatre. Routes 16, 18(A), 40(A), 61, 62, 240, 241.

Argyle St Station 0.5 miles West. Queen St/ Central Station North West 1 mile.

Taxi rank at Glasgow Cross.


Public disabled spaces outside theatre. Car parks Albion and King Streets.

Access Info

For detailed access information please visit the theatre's access page:

Tron Theatre is located in the Merchant City area of Glasgow. Originally a church, the building has been on the same site since the early 16th century. It has been the established venue of the award-winning Tron Theatre Company since 1980. Although the theatre is mainly recognised as a producing house, it also receives an eclectic visiting programme from the UK and abroad.

Tron Theatre presents a diverse programme all year round, staging new and contemporary classics across two theatre spaces: the Main Auditorium which has a capacity of 230, and the Changing House with a capacity of 62.

Recently Tron Theatre have shaken up ticket pricing by moving away from the traditional method of Full Price and Concession tickets, and now offer 3 price points for customers to choose from, based on their budgets, for performances taking place in their Main Auditorium and a flat rate for performances in their Changing House, as well as Previews - unless otherwise stated.

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