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Greenwich Theatre

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In Person: Crooms Hill, Greenwich, LONDON, SE10 8ES
Phone: 020 8858 7755
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Steve Tiplady, as Geppetto, uses the objects of a carpenter’s workshop to tell the tale of the puppet that wants to be a real boy, and the puppet-maker who wants to be a real father.

Pinocchio is carved on stage, brushes become a fox and the shadow of two saws transforms into a giant shark. An element of improvisation makes each performance unique to its audience.

Puppetry, shadows, illusion and especially composed music combine to create a show with something for all ages; it’s inventive, visually and verbally witty with a big heart.

Wonderful work that celebrates the possibilities of theatre” – Lyn Gardner, The Guardian
Truly magical…captivating…hauntingly real” – The Scotsman

For ages 4+

Running time: 60 mins

For ages 4+

Running time: 60 mins

Fireman Sam
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When all of his friends go away, Norman Price decides to find adventure in Pontypandy…
Norman becomes the star of a visiting circus. But with a tiger on the loose and faulty lights, the adventure soon turns to danger. Can Fireman Sam come to the rescue and save the circus?

Join Sam, Penny, Elvis, Station Officer Steele and Norman in an all singing, dancing, action-packed show. You can become a fire-fighter cadet and then watch the magic of the circus.

So, come along to Pontypandy and watch the adventures unfold!

Ages 0-5
60 Mins Approx.

Tales from a Thousand & One Nights
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Scheherazade tells stories…exhilarating stories full of fun, danger, wonder and passion…but will it be enough…Can her stories save her life?..
With their stylish brand of ensemble storytelling, puppetry, mask and live music, Dragonboy Productions breathe new life into some of the funniest and most entertaining folk tales found in The Arabian Nights, including The Seven Voyages of Sindbad, The Little Hunchback, Faisal and the Barber, Behind the Door and Sage Duban and the Wazir.

Newly adapted and directed by Eliot Giuralarocca this is a feast of story-telling, suitable for the whole family and woven into a production that simplycannot be missed!

2 Hours Approx.

Cast : Chris Agha, Verity Bajoria, Maëva Feitelson, Talal Karkouti
Adaptor and Director : Eliot Giuralarocca
Set Design : Victoria Spearing
Lighting Design : Claire Childs
Props/Masks : Christine Warner
Costumes : Grace Atwood

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An extraordinary journey through a busy forest
Experience a story told from the perspective of an acorn; the hectic forest floor, thrumming underworlds, and dazzling heights of icy branches. Discover bizarre larger than life fungi, connecting creaking tree roots, and majestic guardians watching over a delicate cycle. Join three storytellers as they lead you through an enchanting
experience like no other.

Breathe explores the inner workings of trees, all beautifully realised through a combination of puppetry, detailed sets, and live camera work. Underscored through a truly unique blend of thumping Drum & Bass and live ethereal folk songs. Find the epic in the tiny in this celebration of trees, nature, and finding space in a buzzing community.

For ages 5+
60 Mins

The Nosy Little Troll
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Deep in the heart of the Norwegian Forest live the trolls – big trolls, tiny trolls and a Nosy Little Troll who has an amazingly sensitive nose…
One day there is a mumbling and a rumbling from the trolls. What is that stinky smell wafting through the trees? The Nosy Little Troll sets off to follow her nose on a quest to solve the mysterious pong. Will she be brave enough to cross the scary old stone bridge and succeed in sniffing out the culprit?

Join us for this funny Scandinavian story starring a tasty brown cheese song, a lost goat and a bushy old troll with green fingers

Garlic Theatre hold their young audience spellbound with wonderfully crafted troll puppets, live music and lots of joining in.

Devised and designed by the Company
Performer Iklooshar Malara

Direction Steve Tiplady

Puppetry direction Mark Pitman and Liz Walker

Music Iklooshar Malara

Recommended for ages 3-8
50 Mins Approx.

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The animals are gathering. But one species hasn’t turned up, and it’s the species which has been causing all the trouble.
Something’s got to be done, and whatever it is, it’s going to be wild!

Fun, interactive and featuring original songs, Animals! is an empowering and uplifting performance about animals, humans and nature. It celebrates the amazing wildlife around us and makes big things feel possible.

Dens & Signals bring people together to create connections, shared moments, and future possibilities.

A deft and imaginative experience – The Guardian on Treasured – A Secret Journey

A beautiful swaggering pleasure – Audience member on The Wake

Age guidance: 6+

Running Time: 60mins

Goldilocks & The Three Bears
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Roll up! Roll up! Join us for ‘The Greatest Show On Earth’ as KD Theatre Productions & Harlow Playhouse present their brand new production ‘Goldilocks?and the Three Bears’.
Brought to you by the team behind last year’s ‘The Wizard of Oz’ – this Hilarious and Spectacular Pantomime style show will include some of the very best seasoned performers, top circus & speciality acts as well as all the ingredients of a family show that KD Theatre Productions have become known for; high energy choreography, loveable characters, colourful set and costumes and an opportunity for the audience to meet the characters after the show!

2 Hrs 20 Approx.

Curious Investigators
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Scribble and Clipboard have a job to do: sort the recycling.
But Scribble keeps finding new things to investigate. When she discovers a mysterious egg hidden in the rubbish, the pair need the audience’s help to rescue an unborn chick. Can we save a mysterious egg from a smashing? And what will we discover along the way?

Curious Investigators is a cracking adventure created in collaboration with engineering experts from Lancaster University: a delightfully surprising, highly visual show for 3–7- year-olds and their grown-ups.

This brand-new family show has been hatched by One Tenth Human, commissioned by Big Imaginations and supported by Arts Council England.

40 Mins
Ages 3-7

The Red Road Response
+ More Info +

A new multi-arts event where writers share their original work, inspired by short stories from the world of Gutter Street.
We challenge four featured acts to create a performance in response to these stories; it could be a poem retelling the tale, a song that the characters might listen to, or a monologue from their perspective! We’ll come together on the night to hear it for the first time live.

The first act is led by our Red Road Writer and commissioned creatives. This month we’ll be led by author Jacob Newton sharing ‘Treebark’. Check out Jacob’s story here and why not bring your own response along as we will be handing our second act over to YOU! Whether you feel inspired by the stories on the night, or have something you have been working on for a while, be sure sign up on the night to perform at our open mic.


The Little Mermaid
+ More Info +

An Underwater Musical Adventure!
It’s time to make a splash and join Ariel; her father, King of the Seven Seas; Ursula, the evil sea witch, and a whole host of fabulous characters in this brand-new adaptation.

Expect lots of fun, singing and dancing, all brought to you by a fantastic and energetic company of wonderful performers. Sparkling scenery, beautiful costumes and an exciting opportunity to meet the characters after the show, this is sure to be the family show of the year that you don’t want to miss!

SCOTT RITCHIE PRODUCTIONS proudly presents this vibrant take on a classic and much-loved story.

100 Mins Approx.

The King of Nothing
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King Reginald, ruler of the Kingdom of Fa La La, likes to keep in style…

Closely advised by Bernard the Keep of the Royal Cardigans and Dolores the Keeper of the Royal Trousers, he is always dressed top to toe in the latest clothes from the latest magazines. Meanwhile, Fa La La is in total disarray, with blocked drains and beggars lining the streets…

Hearing of the King’s love of fashion, two fast-talking “Weavers” head to the palace with their brand new fabric: it’s “smart” and it’s “in” and it NEVER goes out of fashion. Soon the Kingdom is alive with talk of the magical cloth and Reginald can’t wait to wear his “smart” new suit to the Big Parade. But what are these “weavers” really spinning…?

Suitability / Parental Guidance: 5+
Running Time: 50 minutes no interval

Dinosaurs & All that Rubbish
+ More Info +

One small step for man, one giant pile of rubbish left behind!
Man’s dream to reach the stars leaves the world in ruins and disturbs the sleeping dinosaurs. Will they wake up and save planet Earth?

An imaginative adaptation of Michael Foreman’s environmental tale with dancing dinosaurs, fuelled by rock’n’roll. This riotous hour, packed with signature Roustabout silliness, will have you tapping your toes from start to finish!

Age 3+

A really fun and engaging family show. I would highly recommend it!” ????? Edinburgh Fringe for Kids

Will put a big smile on your children’s faces” ???? Theatre Weekly

Shortlisted: Best Theatre for Children, OFFIE Awards 2022.
By arrangement with Penguin Books Ltd, a Penguin Random House company

1 Hour

The Bubble Show
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The Bubble Show is a unique blend of magic, storytelling, science and bubble art! Enjoy bouncy bubbles, bubbles inside bubbles, smoke bubbles, square bubbles, giant bubbles, and even fire bubbles!

Actor, storyteller, and Guinness World Record holder, The Highland Joker, is one of the top bubble artists in the world, bringing you an interactive, fun, international award-winning bubble extravaganza!

Suitable for ages 3-12+

Duration 60 minutes – No interval

????? The Bubble Show: flawlessly simple and full of wonder – Deadline News, Edinburgh

Best Family-Act award, Face TV New Zealand 2016
Audience Choice Award, Nelson Fringe 2018
Top Children’s Entertainer Award, New Zealand Variety Artists club 2019
As seen in the Guinness World Record Book 2020 & 2023

She Wolves
+ More Info +

Armed with a backpack full of Pop-tarts and a hunger to tackle climate change, Priya and Lou, embark on a covert expedition into the wild. But when the wilderness closes in around them, can they overcome their differences to make their voices heard?

SHEWOLVES is an uplifting coming-of-age comedy for teenagers and anyone who has ever been a teen. One of The Stage’s ‘Best Shows of the Year 2022.

????? ‘A stand-out fringe production’ – Everything Theatre
???? ‘Sparky and delightful’ – The Stage
???? ‘A joy to watch’ – BroadwayWorld
???? ‘A howling success’ – ThreeWeeks

“I loved this show” – Lyn Gardner

65 Mins
Ages 12+

Professor Slug's House of Bugs
+ More Info +

Professor Slug is an eccentric expert on invertebrates who helps bugs out with their buggy problems – and you can too!
Get as strong as an ant! Teach a bee how to buzz! And help a dung beetle make a pooey perfume for its big date…

The House of Bugs is fully booked with all sorts of bugs seeking help from Professor Slug his fellow bug experts (that’s you, the audience!) But can all these buggy problems be solved before the Queen Bee arrives, or will a swarm or honey-hungry wasps wreak havoc?

From the co-creator of the award winning One Duck Down (????? Families Edinburgh), this interactive show is packed full of colourful puppets, catchy songs, and educational info about the wonderful world of bugs.

Running time: 55mins

Age suitability: 3+

Unknown Realms
+ More Info +

The world we once knew is becoming one we have yet to understand…
Rooted in African and contemporary culture, ACE dance and music collaborate with two internationally acclaimed Black male choreographers Serge Aimé Coulibaly and Vincent Mantsoe.

UNKNOWN REALMS evocatively shows us a picture of the world and what is happening NOW…

Performed against dynamic multidimensional soundscapes by Andy Garbi and Yvan Talbot, two stunning contrasting works examine the past and present with consciousness and contemporary sensibility, six dancers rise from the ashes with powerful explosive dance that uncovers the rich history of lives lived; memories, human struggle and people letting go…

An all-embracing, multi layered production that celebrates sheer mortality, perseverance and hope overcoming adversity.

90 Minutes Approx.#

+ More Info +

“To be free is very sweet”
When one woman tells of her extraordinary journey to overcome the brutality of slavery, she becomes a beacon for the British anti-slavery movement. Born into slavery in the British colony of Bermuda, Mary Prince went on to become an auto-biographer and champion of freedom. Her book had an electrifying effect on the abolitionist movement helping to free many Africans in bondage. Through theatre, song, music, drumming and dance, this masterpiece of Black British theatre is inspired by the storytelling traditions of the West African griot.
Amantha is luminous, agile, multi-faceted, witty and resplendent.” – Leys News

Age Suitability: 11+
Running time: 1hour full play + 20 minute Q&A which is an intergral part of the performance and flows on seamlessly from the end of the show.

???? Edmead has sensitively and powerfully brought Mary’s story to life. It’s all too easy to disregard the past as nothing but history, but hearing Mary’s words from over 200 years ago – the anguish of a mother separated from a child, the pain of finding oneself trapped with no means of escape, the sorrow of being forced to leave friends, family, and country – well, the past isn’t that much of a foreign country, is it?” – StageTalk Magazine

Teechers : Leavers 22
+ More Info +

Hilarious, high energy and full blooded, Teechers Leavers ‘22 brings to life an array of terrifying teachers and hopeless pupils through the eyes of Salty, Gail and Hobby; three Year 11 students facing a scary world, armed only with imagination and a joy of theatre.

It’s 2022 at Whitewall, a struggling academy that’s failed its Ofsted. The bell’s gone and they can’t afford a new one. The first fifteen have lost sixty-seven nil and the playing field needs levelling up. Sadly, Whitewall’s led by donkeys. So’s Whitehall, come to that. Enter Miss Nixon, a new drama teacher with fire in her belly, a lesson for the elite and a well ‘sick’ Tik Tok!

Will Miss Nixon abandon her students for a soothing private school? Who puts the bounce in Miss Prime, the PE teacher? Will Mrs Parry ever find her Koko? And why does everyone smell of spring onions?

130 Mins Approx.
Ages 11+
(Contains Strong Language)

Pepper & Honey
+ More Info +

So, what is “home”? That’s the question Ana, a young Croatian woman, poses as she settles in the UK.
Ana has been on a journey. Croatian born, she’s arrived in the UK, determined to make it home. As she focuses on life in this new land, she is haunted by the voice of her Grandma- calling for her to stay true to national identity and yearning for Ana to come home. As Grandma bakes her traditional
Croatian pepper biscuits (believed to bring a loved one back home), will this be enough to be reunited with her granddaughter? But what is “home” to Ana now?
Pepper & Honey is timed to perfection to deliver a perfect Croatian pepper biscuit, baked live during the show.

90Mins Approx.

A warm and gentle show … evocative … Hofman nimbly shifts between the two Anas, the hopeful and “adventurous” immigrant and her tottering, black-clad old “baba” pouring her love into her pastry.” – The Stage, November 2019 ????
Written by a Croatian playwright and performed by a Croatian actor, Pepper & Honey is a poignant, subtle and timely play about the journey of change, cultural differences, trying not to feel like a foreigner in your adopted country, and the conflict between upholding the traditions of the “old country” and embracing those of the new.

Dracula: The Bloody Truth
+ More Info +

‘Dracula: The Bloody Truth’ is a theatrical retelling of Bram Stoker’s classic novel. It will expose that the events recorded in 1897 were not fiction at all….but fact.
This brand new comedy theatre show will take audiences on a journey across Europe from the dark and sinister Transylvanian mountains to the awkwardly charming seaside town of Whitby and into the world of the supernatural, educating us all on the perils of dealing with vampires.

Le Navet Bete (Dick Tracy) are committed to creating hilarious theatre shows using engaging and creative storytelling. Set shortly after 1897 audiences will be introduced to Professor Abraham Van Helsing educating the world on the actual events of Dracula through his first ever theatre tour which he himself has produced and is in fact…starring in.

2 Hours Approx.
Ages 8+

+ More Info +

Molly and Bingo the puppy are having a birthday party and, best of all, you’re invited!
There’ll be a terrific treasure hunt, all your favourite sing-along songs, including The Ants Go Marching, Hickory Dickory Dock and BINGO, and lots of fantastic games to play, including Molly’s favourite game, I Spy With My Little Eye!

So put on your party clothes and come join us for what promises to be a magical day of fun and laughter.

It’s going to be the best party ever!


A sweet surprise and photos with Bingo and the birthday girl will be available after the show so grown ups should bring along their cameras to capture the smiles.

Based on the picture book by Steven Lee

Perfect for Families” – What’s On Stage *****

I Spy With My Little Eye lots of very happy children” – Mumsworld *****

Ages 2-6
60 Mins Approx.

The Dumb Waiter & A Slight Ache
+ More Info +

The Dumb Waiter
“We’ve proved ourselves before now, haven’t we? We’ve always done our job. What’s he doing all this for? What’s the idea? What’s he playing these games for?”

Hitmen Ben and Gus have a job to do. But as they await instructions in a derelict building, they start to receive strange messages via a dumb waiter…

A Slight Ache
Flora and Edward invite the match-seller into their home. The match-seller is silent – a silence which slowly but surely brings about a terrible destruction and an unexpected exchange of power.

A virtuoso mind game of perspective and reality, A Slight Ache examines a middle-aged married couple’s dreams and desires, thrown into sharp relief and shaken to the core when a mysterious man is welcomed into their private space…

Directed by James Haddrell, Artistic Director of Greenwich Theatre
Age recommendation 12+
120 Mins Approx.

Jane Austen's Emma
+ More Info +

Join the critically-acclaimed Pantaloons Theatre Company for a riotous Regency rom-com!
Meet misguided matchmaker Emma as she tries to play Cupid in this hilarious yet faithful new adaptation of Jane Austen’s satirical story. This fast-paced, physical and funny show is filled with romance, music and The Pantaloons’ own charming brand of theatrical chaos.

The Pantaloons are the “inimitable” (Guardian) and “wholly charming” (Times) touring theatre company bringing a vital sense of “play” back to classical performance. In our theatre, your imagination is just as important as ours.

A cleverly adapted, joyous comic makeover of the treasured story.” (The Stage on The Pantaloons’ production of Pride & Prejudice)

Running time: 2 hrs
Suitable for all ages

Christine Bovill: Piaf to Pop
+ More Info +

Christine Bovill’s award-winning Paris established her reputation as one of Europe’s finest interpreters of French song.
In her new show, she travels into the 60s and the Americanisation of French music: le yé-yé. A time of great cultural change in France, would the high art of chanson survive…? This new show- a smash-hit sell out at the 2022 Edinburgh Fringe- offers a sexy and delicious celebration of the Golden Age of French song and how it evolved during the Swinging Sixties.
Singing in both French and English she honours many stars including Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Serge Gainsbourg and Francoise Hardy.
Christine Bovill concocts a sublime evening of French pop classics in Paris: From Piaf to Pop, bringing a sense of warm charm, vocal prowess, and knowledgeable insight to the fold.” – CultureFix
Video Player


It’s impossible not to fall in love with this immersive French fantasy presented by a self-confessed Francophile.” – BrawTheatre

Running Time : Two 45 minute sets with a 20 minute interval
Age recommendation: All ages

John Peel's Shed
+ More Info +


In 2002, John Osborne won a competition on John Peel’s Radio 1 show. His prize was a box of 150 records.
This storytelling show is an ode to radio, those records and anyone who’s ever sought solace in wireless and features a selection of records previously owned by John Peel. As heard on BBC Radio 4.

I could have listened for hours” ***** – The Independent

Beautifully-written, funny and poignant… Just as John Peel’s records changed his life this lovely, simple, beautifully executed show has enriched ours” ***** – The Scotsman

A complete pleasure. All radio nerds need to see it but non nerds will also love it.” – Greg James, Radio 1

Age recommendation: 14+ Show running time is 80 minutes + an interval

Vincent River
+ More Info +

Anita flees her home, haunted by grief and shame. Davey has witnessed something he can never forget. Tonight their paths will collide and their lives will change forever.
Thrilling, heart-breaking, and at times darkly humorous, Philip Ridley’s powerful play examines the things we broadcast about ourselves and the things we strive to hide. Hate crime, prejudice and the redemptive power of storytelling come together in Ridley’s tense game of cat and mouse set in London’s East End.

This modern classic proved to be a huge success when it premiered in 2000 and was a West End smash hit in 2007 & 2018. The multi award-winning playwright, Philip Ridley’s plays have become synonymous with some of the greatest pieces of contemporary theatre in the last century. Vincent River is now seen as one of the most powerful explorations of hate crime ever written.

Directed by James Haddrell, Artistic Director of Greenwich Theatre
Age recommendation 15+
120 Mins Approx.

The Comedy of Errors
+ More Info +

Cartoonish capers in Shakespeare’s funniest farce!

Two sets of shipwrecked twins – who lost their doubles years ago – unknowingly end up in the same place at the same time. Chaos ensues; but will the searching siblings find each other in the end? Expect silly slapstick, abundant anachronisms and memorable music nestled amongst Shakespeare’s poignant poetry as the critically-acclaimed Pantaloons put their own inimitable spin on this classic comedy.

The Pantaloons are the “inimitable” (Guardian) and “wholly charming” (Times) touring theatre company bringing a vital sense of “play” back to Shakespearean performance. In our theatre, your imagination is just as important as ours.

The fourth wall is not only broken but irreparably demolished” – Abergavenny Chronicle on The Pantaloons’ Much Ado About Nothing

Running time 2hrs
Suitable for all ages

Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs
+ More Info +

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, don’t miss the fairest pantomime of them all!
Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs will be coming to Greenwich Theatre, for our 2023 Pantomime. Secure your tickets early, for the theatrical event of the season. Written by everyone’s favourite baddie, Anthony Spargo!

All dates now on sale!
Following our 2019 Offie Award winning Sleeping Beauty and our 2021 & 2022 nominations for The Queen Of Hearts and Robin Hood (currently playing), we will once again see the return of the much-loved Greenwich Theatre Pantomime production team.

Ages 5+
140 mins Approx.

Comedy Club 4 Kids: Christmas Cracker
+ More Info +

All the fun of Comedy Club 4 Kids with a Christmas twist.
Expect the finest Christmas Cracker jokes, tinsel tomfoolery, festive funnies and even Santa doing stand-up!

Starring Comedy Club 4 Kids’ regular host Ternan Douieb hims-elf, Howard Read of ‘Little Howard’ and CBBC fame, and hilarious Helen Duff –– this show will be jam-packed with a whole heap of Christmas Comedy Fun to get you in the mood for the BIG DAY (you know, when the big red jolly guy comes down the chimney).

A highlight for children… giving them a taste of some of the biggest names in comedy with the fun, rowdy feel of a real comedy club.’ The Guardian

The ethos is just right’ The Daily Telegraph

For kids aged 6+
60 Mins Approx.

To find out what else is happening at Greenwich Theatre, visit their website here.

DLR/Tube:Greenwich and Cutty Sark stations, for Lewisham, Canary Wharf (for Jubilee line), Bank (for Northern line), and Stratford.

Access Info

For detailed access information please visit the theatre's access page:

Greenwich Theatre is one of London’s most beloved Off-West End theatres, holding a programme of drama, music, theatre, family shows, and pantomime all year round.

The theatre has a national reputation of encouraging the work of young and exciting theatre companies, consistently providing a debut stage for new writing that often transfers around the country, returns to the West End, and then makes it way across the world.

Although the Greenwich Theatre has its groundings in supporting emerging talent, the site on which the current building stands is rich with a history that reaches back many years before the opening of the present-day venue in 1969. At the beginning of the 19th century, the theatre was associated with Richardson’s travelling theatre - a fairground theatre which presented twenty-five minute shows in several genres. The shows became so popular that some records account for over 10,000 people attending the event. The show was eventually closed due to the enormous amount of attendees, who exhibited drunkenness and caused public nuisance. However, the theatre continued to celebrate its heritage, with Eleanor Bufton reciting a poem including lines concerning Richardson’s show on her first night as the manager of the Greenwich Theatre.

In recent times, the theatre is at the forefront of developing the UK’s family theatre scene, and celebrates the genre by producing the annual Greenwich Children’s Theatre Festival, and presenting one of the country’s most acclaimed traditional pantomimes. It also developed a partnership with Sell a Door Theatre Company who presented a re-run of The Who’s popular musical, Tommy, which was performed at the venue in 2015, in its first performance in over 20 years.

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