Theatre Greeting Cards

Why not buy everything in one go and add one of our theatrically themed greetings cards to your Theatre Tokens order.

The GV collection - We’re really excited to launch our brand NEW collection of original cards by celebrated Private Eye cartoonist, Guy Venables.

You can even personalise the card with a message of your choice, so everything can be sent straight to the person you’re surprising! The cards are blank inside, so if you’re not sending straight to the recipient, you can write your message.

The exclusively designed greetings cards cost £1.99 each when purchased with Theatre Tokens.

Greetings Card - Theatre Ready

NEW! Let's get ready

Sometimes it takes time to get theatre-ready. Just remember no matter how tired you are, don't miss the show! GV collection
Greetings Card - Jumping for joy

NEW! Jumping for joy

There's nothing quite like Theatre Tokens to get someone jumping for joy. The text on the card reads: “she never used to do this when we just gave her a bunch of daffs”. GV collection
Greetings Card - A special thanks

NEW! I'd like to thank...

What better way to thank someone than in an award-winning speech! The text on the card reads: “and finally I'd like to thank…”. GV collection
Greetings Card - Christmas hug

NEW! Christmas Hug

Christmas is a time of giving and whether it's family, friends, colleagues or loved ones they're sure to find this card the sweetest. GV collection
Greetings Card - Break a leg

NEW! Break a leg

Sometimes things don't go quite as planned but as they say, 'the show must go on'! This is the perfect card for all occasions. GV collection
Greetings Card - Violin Card

Musical Card

One for music lovers, this classic card will suit any occasion depicting a violin with music notes in a classic setting.
Greetings Card - Guitarist Card

Guitarist Card

A funky illustrated card with a star-filled, neon inspired guitarist against a dark purple background.
Greetings Card - Dancer in Lights Card

Dancer in Lights Card

This unique black and white card offers a theatrical twist featuring a dancer covered in fairy lights. The striking card will appeal to anyone with a passion for theatre or dance.
Greetings Card - Chorus Line Card

Chorus Line Card

This classic card features a striking black and white image of a ring of chorus line dancers appropriate for many special occasions.
Greetings Card - Cats Card

Cats Card

One of the very popular musicals, Cats, offers a delightful image of the mischievous cats acting on stage. Perfect to accompany your gift.
Greetings Card - Ballroom Dancers Card

Ballroom Dancers Card

These dancers performing in a beautiful grand ballroom add an elegant and luxurious touch to your gift.
Greetings Card - Winter Ballet Card

Ballet Card

Capturing the magic of theatre, the wintry ballet scene makes this card appropriate for many special occasions including Christmas.
Greetings Card - Ballerinas Card

Ballerinas Card

A group of elegant ballerinas dance on stage as the starry lights shine above them.
Greetings Card - Ballerina Birthday Card

Ballerina Birthday Card

Perfect for birthdays, this card depicts an elegant ballerina dancing with the message 'Happy Birthday' on the front.